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Let My Life Inspire You

One woman’s account of a childhood in the shadow of a brutal Ugandan warzone 

Read about how I survived not only war but poverty and disease while growing up on two very different continents. 

“Pulled from her bed in the middle of the night to run for her life from the soldiers of the Lord’s Resistance Army, Christine’s childhood in war-torn Uganda was one of sharp contrasts – the fear and terror of war countered by the kindness and care of a loving family and a protective community.

In a bid to keep her safe, her family fly her across the world in the hope that a new life in Europe will bring security and opportunity – but here she is faced with a new set of challenges as she learns to navigate life in an alien landscape. Isolated and far from home, she must draw from the depths of her resilience, faith, and determination to learn how to survive.

Set against the harsh landscape of Northern Uganda and moving from Germany to the UK, Outrunning Fear is the story of a young woman who overcame the most terrifying obstacles and learned that no matter what your circumstances, life will block and challenge you, but what matters most is how you respond.

This is Christine’s story.”

This book’s theme is timeless: there is always hope for the future, and that change you seek is possible.

Faith My Anchor

One Woman’s Journey of Learning to How to Live Again

Filled with great excitement, Christine, a young teenager, was about to embark on the journey of a lifetime. Her hope was for a much better life in Europe, far removed from the terror of the Ugandan war. There was the promise and expectation of a wonderful journey; new friends, furthering her education in a new school, enjoying life with her Aunt and finally being free from fear.

This move was, however, to become a defining season in Christine’s world. No one could ever have anticipated what was awaiting her, shortly after she arrived. It was life-changing. A tragic unexpected incident which would eventually catapult Christine into spiraling depression occurred. The once active and sporty teenager, with everything to live for, now found herself in an air ambulance. Being rushed to receive emergency treatment, hundreds of miles away, in a bid to save her life. 

Suddenly, everything became dark. Bleak and hopeless. Thankfully, it did not, however, remain that way forever.

This is a remarkable story of resilience, courage and determination. In the face of extreme adversity. Having already outran fear, Christine now found herself all alone living through a personal warzone located in her own body.

This book clearly demonstrates what it means to have faith as an anchor. An anchor that holds you steady when everything around you has been shaken. 

This is Christine’s story